Poste Italiane is distinctive in Italy in terms of its size, recognition, capillarity and customer trust, forming an integral part of the economic, social and productive fabric of the country. Its role in relation to the nation makes the Group responsible for the well-being of the communities in which it operates, in the belief that in such a critical period of Italian history, its contribution can represent a valuable tool at the service of citizens and institutions.

The Covid-19 pandemic inevitably created a new reality, not only in Italy but throughout the world, requiring significant effort by all economic operators to identify solutions that could safeguard people’s health, whilst at the same time, ensuring their business continuity. Consistently with government directives relating to containing the virus and social distancing, Poste Italiane strengthened its commitment to the country with a number of initiatives, which were made possible thanks to the involvement of the entire organisation.

Specifically, the Group adopted procedures for providing its services based on the changing epidemiological situation and consequent amendments to the national regulatory context. The Company worked to deliver pensions in advance, and guarantee service continuity by keeping at least one Post Office open in every small Municipality. In order to safeguard the health of its employees and customers, Poste Italiane provided a billion and a half items of personal protective equipment from the start of the health emergency, distributed 200 thousand anti-Covid tests and adopted flexible working (smart working) for a maximum of 85% of the company workforce. Where smart working was incompatible with the services required, such as post and logistics, the Group provided all personnel with the necessary tools and equipment (e.g. PPE, plexiglass panels, etc.) to conduct their activities in complete safety. As from 4 October 2021, Poste Italiane adopted a “hybrid” working model, promoting both a digital and physical working environment, and managing a return to in-office working for a minimum of 2 days a week. The Company also supported the immunisation campaign, allowing citizens to book for their vaccinations using different channels, including the dedicated portal, call centre, or via ATMs in the regions subscribing to the initiative. The Group also showed its commitment by transporting the vaccines, making available the SDA express courier and ensuring the correct conditions for the serum to be preserved.

The many actions undertaken by the Group are consistent with the values underlying the Group’ sustainability strategy, based on eight Pillars, and in line with the recommendations of the Global Compact Network Italy, the UN PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) guidelines and the additional indications in relation to the impact of the Covid-19 emergency on SDGs55 provided by the United Nations. 

poste italiane people

Establishing Committee to manage the Coronavirus risk, ensuring standard and coordinated management of containment and prevention measures at national level Staff training and development

Introduction of measures to reduce the level of potential contagion (remote working, travel management, provision of training initiatives exclusively online). Resumption of in-office activities for a minimum of two days a week, and reopening of internal coffee shops and company canteens Occupational health and safety
Constant distribution of PPEs to exposed personnel and cleaning and sanitising of workplaces and company fleet

Extension of employee health policy Staff welfare and wellbeing

Extension of annual agreement with trade union organisations for the payment of a Performance Bonus Relations with social partners

Establishment of a dual communication channel to facilitate the flow of information Relations with social partners
Extension of agreement with trade union organisations to continue smart working activities Staff welfare and wellbeing

Implementation of agreements with Assidipost-Federmanager
for executive solidarity initiatives
Staff welfare
and wellbeing

Guaranteed that employees will be able to undergo free swabs

health and
Staff welfare
and wellbeing

Introduction of paid leave for employees to participate in the vaccination campaign. Start-up of vaccination campaign for employees resident in the Lazio, Piedmont, Veneto, Campania, Lombardy and Calabria regions, with a dedicated platform made available for bookings
Employees reimbursed for swabs done 15 days prior to the first dose of the vaccine Staff welfare
and wellbeing

Installation of thermal cameras to detect body temperature Occupational health and safety
Introduction of mandatory Green Pass and checking in the workplace



Continuity in Post Office remaining open Quality and Customer
Suspension of mortgages and loans Support for the
socioeconomic development
of local communities

Adoption of measures to ensure distancing in Post Offices Quality and
Multi-channel approach, digital growth and adoption of tools to
discourage cash use
Innovation and digitisation of products, services and processes
Strengthening of Poste Digital Assistant Quality and Customer experience
Communication activities to online and offline customers in order to make them adopt security measures to contain the spread of the virus Quality and Customer experience
Simplification of succession claims in order to avoid customers having to go to the Post Office several times Quality and Customer experience
Introduction of the possibility of opening a BancoPosta account via app as well Innovation and digitisation
of products, services and processes

Installation of approximately 29,400 sustainable plexiglass barriers Occupational health and safety



Opening of an interactive channel with all the institutions potentially affected by the phenomenon and interaction with the government bodies in charge of crisis management. Constant monitoring of regulatory provisions relating to measures adopted by the authorities Dialogue and transparency in relations with the authorities

Close collaboration with Labour Unions and constant updating with respect to the strengthening of measures to limit contagions and measures aimed at ensuring service continuity Relations with social partners

Participation in the third edition of the IPC (International Post Corporation) initiative “Green Postal Day” Environmental impacts of logistics Environmental impacts of real estate facilities

Agreement between Poste Italiane and Carabinieri for the payment and home delivery of pensions to citizens and the identification of a method of paying pensions in staggered form; synergies for the management of possible crowds outside Post Offices Support for the socioeconomic development of local communities
Dialogue and transparency in relations with the authorities
Financial inclusion
Agreements with Local Administrations for the delivery of masks to the population and listening and proximity to institutions to offer solutions to emerging criticalities Dialogue and transparency in relations with the authorities
Implementation of the platform to facilitate the vaccination campaign Support for the socioeconomic development of local communities
Dialogue and transparency in relations with the authorities 
Logistical support for vaccine delivery
Continuous communication activities to national and local
institutions aimed at raising awareness
Dialogue and transparency in relations with the authorities

Provision of Financial Education courses in webinar mode Support for the socioeconomic development of local communities
Financial inclusion
Continuing implementation of the TG Poste information channel, also via, with the aim of continuing the mission of presence and proximity to its employees Staff welfare and wellbeing
Relations with social partners
Offer of solutions for the assignment of tax credits for companies and BancoPosta account holders (110% Superbonus and other tax bonuses) Support for the socioeconomic development of local communities



Supplier assessment including Covid-19 risk analysis Legality and incorporation
of ESG criteria within

Transparency in managing and maintaining relations with the
supply chain
Work with
and integrity

Respect for payment methods and times towards suppliers Work with
and integrity

Hiring of specialised companies for the sanitation of the premises Occupational
health and