The SBU’s operating results for the year continued to be solid, albeit lower than in the previous year. In December 2021, the Total Capital Ratio amounted to 21.9%, confirming the financial solidity of BancoPosta.

2021 of the sector


External revenue4,7834,945(1612)-3.3%
Revenue from other sectors759665+94+14.1%
Total revenue5,5425,610(68)-1.2%
Costs vs other sectors4,6344,658(24)-0.5%
Total costs4,7964,745+51+1.1%
EBIT Margin %13.5%15.4%
NET PROFIT640647(91)-14.0%
Main KPIs20212020CHANGES
Total financial assets (€bn)586.1568.6+17.5+3.1%
Net inflows (€m)15,13717,827(2,690)-15.1%
Unrealized capital gains/(losses) (€m)2,0964,653(2,557)-55.0%
Current accounts (average deposits for the period in €bn)79.167.4+11.7+17.3%
Investment portfolio return*1.9%2.3%
Postal savings (average deposits in €bn)318.1315.6+2.5+0.8%
Loans (disbursed in €m)3,3212,932+389+13.3%
Tax credits acquired at the end of the period (in billions of euro)**6.50.035+6.5n/s

* Excluding capital gains.
** Paid value

(€ m)

ROAD TO 2024

“2024 Sustain & Innovate” Strategy

Most trusted financial institution in Italy, benefiting from an omni-channel approach

  • Promoting diversification of asset allocation
  • Expansion of omni-channel for the Customer
  • Integration of non-life coverage into the investment offering

Current accounts The tax credits purchasing service launched in 2020 dedicated to BancoPosta current account holders is operating as planned, with the extension of the service to other credit types.
In the area of Business and PA current accounts, the new current account BancoPosta Business Link was launched on the market, aimed at the Small Business segment, offering a modular range34 which can be accessed from the revamped online Internet Banking platform and a new app.
Assets under AdministrationPoste Italiane took part in the placement of the third and the fourth issues and the fourth of the Futura Multi-year Treasury Bond (BTP), a security linked to Italy’s GDP performance and launched as part of the Government’s measures to tackle the health emergency, in particular to support economic recovery and the vaccination campaign.
Asset management Distribution of the following mutual funds began:
BancoPosta Focus Rilancio 2026” e “BancoPosta Focus Rilancio Giugno 2027” focusing on 6 current megatrends (technology, public health, consumption, climate change, infrastructure and smart cities), for which Anima SGR is the managing agent;
BancoPosta Universo 40” and “BancoPosta Universo 60”, flexible, multimanager35 and sustainable36 products;
BancoPosta Focus Ambiente 202737, a balanced bond product that focusses on the potential growth of 5 economic sectors linked to environmental protection: climate change prevention, clean energy, circular economy, water and sustainable management of water resources, protection of the oceans.
With a view to developing the product range in ESG terms, the investment policy of the two funds, “BancoPosta Azionario Euro” and “BancoPosta Selezione Attiva”, has been integrated to take account of environmental, social and governance sustainability factors
of third-party products
Together with the Partners for whom the financing products are distributed, the initiatives continued in 2021 as envisaged by the regulations and those adopted on a voluntary basis during 2020 in relation to the health emergency, in support of businesses in difficulty, as well as in relation to access to credit, to protect households and small and medium-sized businesses.
During 2021, in the area of loans, the product Prestito Personale BancoPosta was developed and released in collaboration with our new partner Santander Consumer Bank.
The Green38 promotion on BancoPosta loans was launched, supporting energy efficiency projects.

34. Upon request, the customer can activate two modules, each available in two versions (“Operation Module”, which includes, in addition to one free chequebook, also 5 or 10 free transactions per month, depending on the version, and “Utilities Module” which, depending on the version chosen, includes respectively up to 3 or 5 utilities additional to the first one included in the Basic Module fee).
35. Selection of the best actively managed ETF and third party funds, to take advantage of the best solutions for each asset class.
36. The selection of investment instruments also takes into account sustainable finance criteria: in fact, the funds promote environmental, social and governance characteristics (ESG factors) pursuant to article 8 of EU Regulation 2019/2088 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2019.
37. The fund combines investments in bonds, accounting for at least 50% of the portfolio, with a portion invested in flexible instruments and shares. In the context of the latter component, exposure focuses on companies that contribute to building a more efficient and sustainable society in environmental terms.
38. Loan useful for financing green house renovations (e.g. photovoltaic system) or for the purchase of a hybrid or electric car.